Black Edges

หมวดหมู่ : Tarot

A deck of Tarot cards with only Major Arcana cards, but there are as many as four sets of them, each in a completely different style, so a total of 88 cards!

This will be the first and last Tarot deck from Taroteca-Studio in which we interfere with AI, all of our other decks are 100% hand-drawn by Artists.


*** 12cm Edition of The "Four Tales Tarot" BLACK EDGE includes:
88 cards of size 12cm x 7,4cm - High-quality durable paper, finished with silk matt lamination (not shiny, soft and pleasant to touch)
Black Matt Edges - amazingly elegant effect!
Durable and elegant Carton Flip-Box with gold stamping,
The box is shaped like a book and closes with a magnet.
*Four Tales Tarot was created with the contribution of various artists and with the support of AI.
The deck contains: 4 different sets of Major Arcana cards, a total of 88 cards.

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