Masquerade Tarot Deck - Bauta Edition


By : Fatum

หมวดหมู่ : Tarot

Nights of mystery, passion and secrets. Souls hidden behind beautiful masks.

-Masquerade tarot deck of 78 cards in a tuck box.
-Masquerade tarot guidebook.
-Three A6 prints.
-A bookmark.
-Velvet Altar cloth 40x40 cm.

Masquerade Tarot is a tarot deck of 78 cards: 22 major and 56 minor arcana with exclusive illustrations with erotic and mystical touches, following the meaning and numbering of the classic tarot. 

French tarot 61 x 112mm (2,4 x 4,4 inches). With Masquerade tarot you will be able to carry out your tarot readings as with any other deck.

Also, if you are a creator of stories, Masquerade tarot Bauta Edition has a book that explains a system to create romances, secrets and other details for your role-playing games, novels and scripts. The book  includes rules and tables with which you can randomly add incentives to your characters and stories.
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