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Lo Scarabeo

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Joker Tarot is a unique and exclusive deck designed by renowned Italian artist Corrado Roi.

It is the brainchild of Pietro Alligo, founder and Art Director of Lo Scarabeo. A wild and adventurous life, combined with a great passion for Tarot and esoterism, inspired him to create this unique deck based on the iconic archetype of the Joker – a mysterious, ancient, and multifaceted figure with a rich and layered personality that manifests a different aspect of itself in each of the classic 78 Arcana.

Illustrations by superstar artist Corrado Roi are but the icing on the cake: the dynamic brushwork of the Italian maestro perfectly conveys Joker’s eclectic nature into the cards of this exclusive project.

This is a special Kickstarter project for Lo Scarabeo, so we asked the great artist Corrado Roi to step out of his comfort zone and create 3 different versions of the deck with 78 fully illustrated cards. 

The deck comes in 3 separate styles: the standard black-and-white, the negative, and the colored version, each capturing a different angle of the Joker’s multifaceted personality.

The Normal deck: A colorful standard size version (70x124 mm)
Cards: High-quality 350 gsm cards with a matte finish
Single box: bottom+lid design with a matte texture
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