Destiny Oracle Lace


By : Lisa Santine

หมวดหมู่ : Oracle

This oracle deck is a 52 card oracle decks. It is made with the utmost of positivity and love. It comes with a gorgeous booklet explaining each card. The cards are 90×140 mm and made with a beautiful card stock that feels like rose petals. It has matte gold edges and the details are made of the finest gold foil.

- A 52-card deck plus 1 bonus card in a gorgeous 2-part box
- Large format cards that are 90 x 140 mm (3.5″ x 5.5″)
- Cardstock: 350 GSM super high quality art paper
- Surface Finish: Beautiful rose petal feel on front and back
- Card Printing: CMYK Printing with Gold Foil Details
- Edges: Matte Gold Foil Edges
- Box Style: High quality Lid and Bottom Box
- Box Finish: Beautiful velvety feel with gold foil accents
- Booklet: A stunningly colored and beautifully bound 62 page guidebook with gold foil accents.

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