Air Mail Oracle Card Deck with printed booklet : Postage from the Past


By : Sara Grace Stasi

หมวดหมู่ : Oracle

The Air Mail Oracle Card Deck is a labor of love that came out of sifting through hundreds of letters, postcards, and other ephemera I inherited from my grandparents. For 30 years, they wrote letters between the U.S. and my grandfather’s merchant marine ships at sea.

It brings you postage from the past. The deck is an intuitive oracle for divination that is especially well suited for asking questions of past generations. Connect with ancestral wisdom with gorgeous full-color art featuring postage and vintage stamps from the American past!

This 40-card oracle deck is created from vintage stamps and postage from letters sent between my grandparents from the 1940s through the 1970s.

This deck features full color front and back imagery. The back of the deck is a collage of different stamps and postage from around the world. Each card carries a simple, direct message combined with scans of actual stamps and digital clip art that enhances the meaning of the card.

These cards are clear, simple, and direct with their messaging... just like the advice you would receive from your grandma or grandpa, auntie or uncle. Because they were created with actual artifacts that I inherited from my grandparents, these cards are charged with ancestral wisdom, particularly that of past American generations. One goal of this deck was to create a divination tool that is authentically derived from my own cultural past, so that I can connect with and begin to understand both the positive and challenging contributions of my ancestors to modern American culture.

The cards are a standard Tarot deck size (2.75 x 4.75 inch) professionally printed on 12pt 320gsm black-core matte card stock. The deck includes a matching tuck box.
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