By : Lisa Santine

หมวดหมู่ : Tarot


The Destiny Deck was designed as a response to traditional Tarot. The art of reading Tarot can be very intimidating and take years and years of practice. This deck allows you to use the symbolism and graphics on the cards, as well as your intuition, to give a clear and detailed reading for yourself or anyone.

– Size: 70x120mm (this is the standard Tarot size)
– Cardstock: 350 GSM high quality art paper
– Surface Finish: Beautiful velvety skin-like texture on both front and back of the cards
– Package: 80 cards (78 +2 Bonus)
– Card Printing: CMYK Printing on the back, CMYK Printing + Pantone metallic + Gold Foil on the Front
– Edges: Matte Gold Foil edges
– Box Style: High quality Lid and Bottom Box
– Box Printing: CMYK Printing + Pantone Metallic + Gold Foil details + Skin like texture finish (it feels like rose petals)

I looked at each card as a design within itself, taking the opportunity to create 78 + 2 BONUS CARDS different pieces of artwork. With a common thread of key meanings, astrological associations, and one of 4 elements associated with each card, I created a concise and beautiful tarot deck. Each artwork has a sun in the center and the moon phases on top. The text and background details as well as the edges will be in gold foil. The cards are thick and have a sensual and velvety texture which feels amazing to hold…and the back of card design is a soft rose with pink smoke. Infused with femininity and love the cards will surely be a centerpiece for you whether it’s your first deck or it’s part of a collection. I’m so excited to share this with you and the world.

This has truly been a labor of love.
Lisa Santine

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