Northern Animal Tarot Deck


By : Wider Hearts Studio

หมวดหมู่ : Rare decks

Welcome to the Northern Animal Tarot 1st Edition deck. 

This deck is heavily based on the Rider Waite Smith deck by Pamela Colman Smith but all the humans have been replaced with animals. This deck is great for tarot beginners and well as seasoned tarot readers, for its easy switch from humans to forest creatures images.
- 100% handcrafted/handmade with sustainably sourced textured linen paper, flexible 14 gsm.
- Size of cards 3"x 5"inches, UV coated.
- De-Bossed the tuck box so it becomes like a well-loved vintage book cover linen finish paper.
- Small info booklet
- A natural cotton bag, hand-printed by the artist.
Each deck has following cards
- 2 Hierophant cards
- 3 Tarot spread cards
- 4 Season cards
- 4 Moon cards
- 4 Shadow cards
- 4 bonus cards

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