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A unique Tarot Deck made up of 78-Cards, capturing the unique aspects of animals.

This is a creation of love. Every card is meticulously drawn, capturing not just the physical beauty of these animals but also their spiritual essence.

This deck follow the traditional structure of Tarot, with each animals thoughtfully and carefully paired with a Tarot archetype that reflects its story and symbolic significance.
Each reading for guidance, introspection, or meditation, let them also be a call to action, a prompt to cherish, preserve, and respect the diverse life forms with whom we share the planet.

***Specially designed for tarot enthusiasts and animal lovers

***Round tarot cards with endangered or extinct animals, depicting correspondences that not only reflect the traditional meanings of the tarot cards but also pay homage to the unique characteristics and stories of these endangered or extinct animals, adding a layer of depth and awareness to the tarot reading experience.

78 Cards (22 Major Arcana + 56 Minor Arcana)                                    350gsm matte lamination
Card Size : 10cm x 10cm
Tuck Box : 350gsm tuck flap box with magnetic closure
Booklet : 10cm x 10cm

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