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Boxed Deck and Manual - 86 Cards - Authentic Version

A tool can be helped a person detect the types of past lives that lie under phobias, fears, relationship issues, and other concerns. This deck contains every type of theme including both positive and negative scenarios. It needed to include all types of negative past life experiences that could lie beneath a person's unconscious decision to suffer, punish themselves, or hold themselves back. The circular shape was chosen because it offers the ability to explore different aspects of a major theme.

Using the Fronts and the Backs
Both the card fronts and card backs can be used to give a reading. The card fronts can provide more "theme-type" information while the card backs may offer extra details. There's some overlap, however, and the card backs do repeat (there are 20 card backs, each repeated 4-5 times).

The cards are100mm in diameter, 350 GSM, printed on matte card stock. The card stock is FSC (forest-friendly) and the boxes are sealed with a button seal rather than using shrink wrap using biodegradable tape and reused bubble wrap and paper fill. The guidebook is 240 pages, 4" x 4" in size to fit in the box.

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