Retro Impression Tarot - Portable Edition


By : Yao Li

หมวดหมู่ : Tarot

The Retro Impression Tarot is interpreted by Yao li, a Chinese illustrator and artist, in the fashion of art nouveau with vintage tones. Beneath the refreshing card images, the whole deck is designed based on the creative thoughts of Arthur Edward Waite from over 100 years ago. The key elements of classic RWS deck are remained. Therefore, it's suitable for users of all levels.

Written by Zeng Chuan
Artwork by Yao Li
Cards 80 cards, 4.4x8cm
0.32mm PVC
Booklet Chinese, English
Gold gilded edge
Gold foil stamping on the face and back of each card
Dimensions : 180 × 110 × 65 cm
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