The Really Badly Drawn Tarot Deck


By : FrenOne

หมวดหมู่ : Tarot

The Really Badly Drawn tarot deck specs:
- There are 80 cards in the deck.
- The cards are tarot size (70mm x 120mm)
- The cardstock is high quality 350gsm art paper with matte varnishing finish.
- Holographic gilded edges
- Holographic foiled cardback

The decks comes inside a rigid box with lid
- Middle part is holographic
- Hot foil stamped box details
- Two different covers, co-created with backers of the campaign

The Poorly Written Guidebook:
- 168 pages
- tarot size (fits inside the box)
- Full color images
- 100gsm art paper bookpages
- 157gsm art paper cover
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