Lucine Tarot Deck - Twilight Edition


by : Lisa Santine

หมวดหมู่ : Tarot



This is Twilight Edition.

The gorgeous moon is set against the alabaster sky. This is the moment of the morning twilight. Right before sunrise.

It's the moment that our own inner wisdom brings the information forward.

- Size : 70 x 120 mm.
- Luxurious satin UV matte varnish surface finish.
- 80 cards package.
- Holographic foil edge.
- High quality lid and bottom box with foil detail separating the top and bottom lid. Texture is a velvety rose petal finish.
- Box Printing : CMYK Printing + Pantone Metallic + Gold Foil details + Velvety texture finish (it feels like rose petals)
- A stunning colored digital PDF

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