Divine Feminine Tarot Deck - Nocturnal


by : Cocorrina

หมวดหมู่ : Tarot



This is Nocturnal Edition.

The second production of DFEM Tarot Deck is our successful tarot deck in our cosmic goddess style. Celebrating Women this deck features only female figures. This deck features 78 cards (major & minor arcana), and comes in a rigid two-part box as well as a booklet including all the card meanings. New production will feature thicker 350 gsm Superluxe paper.

The Tarot deck will be produced by the best and largest card manufacturer in the world; Cartamundi, with factories in the USA and Europe. The quality and safety procedures of all their productions are sublime, and it was an easy decision to have our deck produced by them. 


78 Cards (Major & Minor Arcana) with gold foil on the cards' faces

Gilded Edges

Paper Quality: New 350gsm Superluxe

Size: 7x12cm - 2.75" x 4.75"

2 Part Rigid Box with Gold Foil 

A Divine Feminine Tarot Guidebook is included

Hand-painted acrylic artwork on the backs of the cards.

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