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Just like tarot cards, there are a variety of deep, meaningful symbols that are deeply ingrained in Korean folk beliefs and traditions.

Major Arcana
BANA's Korean-style tarot cards are based on Universal Wate Tarot. The symbols of the major cards contain life lessons revolving around human destiny. There are many stories that pray for peace, stability, happiness, and health sourced from various folk beliefs and legends from ancient Korea. I collected data over a long period of time and combined the two elements of tarot and Korean tradition to create a collected, worldwide view that encompasses the story of Korean and classical tarot.

Minor Arcana
The minor arcana is divided into four objects: Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups. Each pack of cards symbolizes the power of nature's four elements. Since ancient times, Korea has looked at things based on the logic of all things rooted within the five elements of eum(yin) and yang.

There are 3 kinds of Deck

  • Paper Deck
  • Plastic Deck
  • Holographic Deck

[Paper Deck]
Paper cards are the most commonly used form of tarot cards. They are the thinnest and softest of the three cards.
The paper cards are 120mm x 70mm and are printed on 330mg Artpaper.

[Plastic Deck]
A big advantage of plastic cards is that they are waterproof and are less prone to crease damage. The plastic deck is the strongest of the three cards, and has a unique plastic texture. Its double-sided UV coating also gives you a stunning, clear color and is a little larger than regular tarot cards.
The plastic cards are 128mm x 78mm and are printed on Plastic with UV coating.

[SPECIAL Holographic Deck]
The holographic deck makes the illustrations on the cards shine, and appear more colorful! On this deck, the titles of the cards appear in KOREAN, and are written vertically on the top in the traditional oriental way.
The holographic cards are 148mm x 70mm and are printed with a holographic coating.

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