Playful Heart Tarot Deck



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This is the 3rd Printing.

The deck features 78 full-color, fully illustrated cards PLUS SIX EXTRA CARDS printed on sturdy, yet flexible 340 gsm black core PLAYING CARD STOCK with micro linen finish. This card stock/texture is the most luxurious and heavy-duty available and it makes shuffling a super-efficient sensory pleasure. If you like butter, you will like shuffling this deck! The cards will stand up to and will easily bear with any kind of intense shuffling. The cards are 75 x 130 mm (2.95” x 5.11”)(a tiny bit larger than the standard tarot card size) and will come packed in a gorgeous rainbow-foil-kissed tuck box, sealed with a special message stamp plus two secret messages printed on the top and bottom flaps***Free Tarot Booklet PDF Download***

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