Healers of the Earth Oracle


Rainbow Silver Edging (2021 Borderless) by : Mandy Peterson

หมวดหมู่ : Oracle

with Guidebook separately

Cards created especially for earth sensitives, nature lovers, and those interested in personal and planetary healing.

This is the reprint of the borderless Healers of the Earth Oracle with extra cards added. The deck has 81 cards, 350 gms card stock and are edged with holographic silver. The box is a magnetic enclosure box with a white ribbon to life the cards out.

This is not a “feel good” deck but an healing deck. The backs of the cards can be used with the front of the cards to give a reading (for what to make a focus: personal physical, personal emotional, collective physical, collective emotional, technology, spiritual hygiene, empathy and relationships, purification and release, and hypervigilance and illusion). The manual that comes with the cards offers upright and reversed definitions for each card and also explains how to use the cards with their card backs (or how to use the card backs alone).

These cards were printed and packaged as eco-friendly as possible. The boxes for the cards were created using recycled paper products .

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