Fate Shifters Astrology Tarot Deck


Categories : Tarot

Inspired by the traditional Waite-Smith deck, the FateShifters Deck combines 78 tarot cards with 22 additional astrology cards to make an expanded 100 card deck. Popular digital artists around the world have collaborated to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and symbolism to the original design.

The FateShifters Astrology Tarot Deck includes 78 Major and Minor Arcana cards, 12 Zodiac Sign cards and 10 Planet cards.

Plus a pack of the standard promotional card set. there are 9 extra painting cards which you can replace the original.

The cards measure 2.75”×4.75” (70mm×120mm) on 330gsm glossy smooth card stock , and are encased in a sturdy lidded box. Includes 100 cards with instruction booklet.

The uniquely-illustrated cards is a collaborative deck from 6 different artists: Carlos Villas, Daniel Kamarudin, Leesha Hannigan, Mario Wibisono, Raymond Chen and Tommy Suhartono. Planning publishing by Jin Chiaki.

Made in Taiwan.
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