By : Cathy Nichols

Categories : Oracle

"Flower Medicine" Oracle Deck with Detailed Interpretation Booklet & Flower Color Psychology Guide

This is a luxurious, over-sized gift deck featuring 48 'flower portraits' on thick, 350 gsm art paper with matte finish and gorgeous gold edges! The deck also comes in a lidded box with paintings on the inside of each cover. The set includes an interpretation booklet and guide to the symbolism of each flower, a color psychology guide and a 'flower spread' guide to help you use the cards. This is a truly beautiful deck designed for divination and self care.

About the Flower Medicine Deck

The symbolic language of flowers has long been a part of world mythology, literature, and culture, but what do popular flowers mean? Which flower symbolizes hope? Love? Wealth? Fidelity? And how can you use the secret language of flowers for divination and self-care. I show you how in this beautiful deck of full-color flower 'portraits,' labeled with each flower's name and meaning. There is also an interpretation booklet and instructions for laying out the cards in a unique 'flower spread' as well as two color cards to help you unlock the mysteries of color psychology for each bloom.

Suggested Uses:
- Pick a card as a 'prescription' for self-care allowing the flower medicine of the card to enhance healing and self love each day
- Pick a card to inspire your daily creativity
- Use the layout & instructions to do readings for yourself and others
- Use the flower deck as a way to gain insight into the particular kind of 'flower medicine' healing that will resolve issues revealed in other Tarot or Oracle Decks

Deck Includes:
*Cards measure 6 x 4 inches (oversized)
*Cards have Gold edges
*Rounded corners
*Beautiful custom-designed box to store your cards
*48 Cards Total with 46 flower cards
*+1 layout spread card + 1 Color Psychology card front and back (warm and cool colors)
*Interpretation booklet with interpretations for each card
*Shrink wrapped for protection
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