By : Cathy Nicoles

Categories : Oracle

"Synchronicity" Oracle Deck - 78 Cards, Interpretation Booklet, Dice & Bag
What is synchronicity?
The term synchronicity was popularized by psychologist Carl Jung to explain meaningful coincidences. With this 78-card deck, I wanted to enhance the magic of the cards by courting synchronicity in the creative process itself. So, I invited the universe to co-create this deck with me by using dice, game spinners, random color palettes and intuition to guide each painting in the series.

How to Use the Deck:
I've made this deck really fun and packed with surprises. You can use your Synchronicity deck to do popular Tarot spreads and readings. You can pull a card each day to inspire your creative journey. Or you can roll the enclosed die and practice adding randomness and synchronicity to your readings. Follow the directions on the back of the enclosed “Spread Card” for 6 new ways to read the cards. The diagrams on the flip side of this card will help you to lay out the cards when you read them.

As a special bonus, I've include 4 "Seasons" cards (winter, spring, summer and fall) to use time in your readings. You can lay out the "Spring" card, for instance, on the top of your chosen spread to get a sense of what may unfold in your life when spring begins. You can also lay all 4 cards down to focus on the year ahead.
Deck Includes:
* Beautiful custom-designed box to store your cards
* 78 Synchronicity cards (including 4 Seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall) +1 layout spread card
* Instructions
* 8-page booklet with interpretations for each card
* One die that you can roll to add randomness to your readings
* Cards measure 4.75 x 2.75 inches
* Each shrink-wrapped and boxed deck arrives in a beautiful organza storage bag (in a randomly chosen color)
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